Customer Testimonials

We take great pride in delivering a gold standard experience for our future and existing customers. As a result, we have many customers who continue to share their stories and update us with pictures letting us know how much their precious furry family member means to them. You can read a few of these stories below.

I believe Ryans Alpha Puppies is the best out there. They are professional and offer complete transparency into the adoption process and their puppies. The team has been a pleasure to work with. They answered all our questions and kept us informed about our puppy’s progress along the way. We took advantage of their 5-week training program, as well, and that worked out great. Our puppy knows all his commands and is very well behaved. He is the cutest, smartest puppy, and we couldn’t be happier! I would highly recommend Ryans Alpha Puppies to anyone looking for a mini poodle.

Mary B.

I loved the service. Everyone was so helpful every step of the way…from when I picked her to when she was delivered. Couldn’t have done it without Ryans Alpha Puppies. I hit the puppy jackpot!

Beth M.

Thanks for everything. This was a great experience. If there is anywhere I can write a review I would love to share how great of an experience it has been working with you.
[three weeks later] Just wanted to say thank you for everything with getting us this puppy. He is awesome and gets along great with our other dog. Thanks again! We named him Bodie; here Bodie is pictured with our Golden, Asher.

Jerry P.

Everything went as planned! Luna Moona is a wonderful member of our family. She came home within a month of selecting and paying for her. The cost was a bit pricey, but well worth it. Ryans Alpha Puppies followed through with all that they promised us. We might come back in the future for a second doggie.

Rachel C.

If you are looking to get the puppy of your dreams look no further. Ryans Alpha Puppies are literally amazing when it comes to the cutest little puppies ever. My husband and I got our baby mini poodle about three weeks ago and couldn’t be more happier

James S.

We are finally enjoying our new family member! We were a bit skeptical to purchase the dog remotely but overall the service, care and the overall experience was great. There was a bit of a delay when it came to the arrival time but we managed to receive our puppy just in time. I Highly recommend this site to whomever is considering PuppySpot!

Shelly S.

Customer support are very knowledgeable. Provided all the details of owning a puppy from start to finish. My Peter is adorable. He’s what I expected him to be. He is playful, loves to give you kisses and feels at home the moment he came to our life. And gets along with my other mixed lab dog.

Marissa T.

Very happy with our new puppy, she’s a blessing. Was kinda disappointed because after we received our puppy no one reached out to us to be sure she got here ok etc. The person who delivered her was kinda abrupt kinda felt like it was a drop and run and not a word. Other than emails about care etc we heard nothing from anyone . I called in to speak to someone about it she was very understanding and felt I should have been contacted after Ive (ophelia) arrived. My only complaint

Lindsey G.

Our maltese puppy, Dani, came home about a month ago and has been happy and healthy. She has been such a great addition to the family. Her has the sweetest temperament, so quiet yet so affectionate. She’s received compliments every time we took her out. The representatives have been very responsive and helpful. And it seems the breeder had done some potty training. Dani mostly pees and always poops in the pad. It made things so much easier for us since this is our first dog. We can’t be happier with the quality of service. I’ve already reserved another puppy here. Hope it goes as smoothly as the first one. 🙂

Abby V.

My experience from beginning to delivery was great. Communication was there anytime I needed information & coordination in getting my new dog.The breeder did a fine job with my mini poodle he was in great health when he arrived and he has adjusted very well, with a wonderful disposition. I have a very happy puppy who is eating Nutri Source puppy can food.I’m very impressed with Ryans Alpha Puppies

Amanda A.

Best Decision Ever. We were a bit nervous about picking out a puppy sight unseen but we couldn’t be happier with him and our whole experience. It’s only been three weeks and we can’t imagine him not being part of our family. PuppySpot made everything super easy; communication was great all the way through; and the woman who actually delivered him was incredibly nice and took time to really make sure we knew what we needed to do to help him adjust. I’ve already recommended PuppySpot to a number of friends.

James D.

The Greatest Addition to Our FamilyOur family just wanted to say “Thank You!” Our puppy Jellybean (Max, now), is just everything we could have hoped for. We are so thrilled to have him join our family. We lost our first dog, after 18 years, a few months ago, and decided to welcome Max so that our kiddos could grow up knowing the friendship and love a dog can bring. After traveling all day, Max’s tail was vigorously wagging as he first saw us through his carrier and it hasn’t stopped. He went to our vet, yesterday, and the vet technicians fell in love (and were taking photos with him), in addition to giving him a clean bill of health. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Debra T.

A bundle of joy and thorough care! The original name of the puppy’s name was “Frosty”. I’ve renamed him to “Odin”, who has been such a delightful bundle of joy. I was originally concerned with raising a minature poodle in the city. Odin came home already having learned bite inhibition, potty trained, mild-mannered, and well socialized. I was blown away by the extent of thoroughness that Ryans Alpha Puppies has gone through with taking care of the health and disposition of Odin, the handle and care of his travel, and the amount of information that they were able to provide regarding his parents and current health. Thank you so much for taking care of my new partner in crime!

Daniel P.

I am so happy with Ryans Alpha Puppies! There were no mini poodles available to me where I live so I turned to Ryans Alpha Puppies! They kept me informed by sending photos every two weeks and videos! Also kept me informed of her arrival date, and I was happy to get her on that date…. I am so in love with my wonderful Yorkie…….such a sweet smart puppy, thank you Puppy Spot!

Beth S.

Oh my! Where to start! Ryans alpha Puppies was on the spot! So much communication! They were very attentive! My boy arrived on time and was very calm at the time! However, peppy doesn’t describe him! He is like the Energizer Bunny! Takes a lickin keeps on tickin! He definitely is a heart throb! He is going through training so he will become the awesome dog that I know he is! His predecessor was a true blessing from God and I know he is too! He is a beautiful baby! Kudos to his breeder!

Pamela H.

I can’t thank you enough for making my search for a Maltese puppy so easy! The pictures were true to actual and the video too. I must have watched it a 100 times! Ryans Alpha Puppies was wonderful. They were responsive and answered all my questions during the process. Our little Mimzy is happy, healthy, and SMART! In less than a week she’s already figured out potty training. Such a great experience and I highly recommend puppies from Ryans Alpha Puppies.

Kevin A.

Me and my wife got a Miniature Poodle from Ryans Alpha Puppies. They were awesome to deal with and arranged for the pup to be delivered to us. The pup is very healthy and was very sociable and playful from the first minute he arrived. It was obvious he had been well taken care of! Ranger is a very intelligent pup just had him for two weeks and he is already obeying verbal commands and house broke. If your looking for a awesome pup I highly recommend Ryans Alpha Puppies.

Ray D.

We got are sweet girl Elsa from Ryans Alpha Puppies and we couldn’t be happier. Always have been Leary of buying an animal online but he was amazing to work with from start to finish. She was delivered to us and you can tell they were very well taken care of. She is amazing and we love her so much! Would highly this site.

Stephanie D.