All of our puppies will come with a one year written health guarantee that will be attached to their contracts.

As the breeder, I certify that the puppy is to the best of my knowledge, healthy, & free of any contagious disease, has been examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated, & de-wormed as per the health record provided to the buyer. Any issues found by my vet will be noted on said pups health certificate. Anything significant found by my vet prior to purchase will be discussed with the buyer/interested parties.

1.  The puppy is guaranteed for one full year to be free of any life-threatening genetic defects. This is limited to genetic issues that are beyond the control of the buyer or the breeder such as heart, liver, kidney, or other major organ system issues.

If within the first year, the puppy is diagnosed with a life threatening issue, such as those mentioned above, the breeder agrees upon the provision of veterinary reports and receipts to provide the purchaser with another puppy of equal value, at no additional cost.

2.  The buyer is to arrange a check up with a licensed veterinarian within the first five days of taking possession of the puppy. The breeder is to be notified immediately if the veterinarian determines the puppy is not fit for sale. The health guarantee does not cover any preventable problems that are beyond the control of the breeder while in buyers care; these might include heat stroke, hypoglycemia, exhaustion, stress, poisoning, accidents, insect stings, abuse or neglect, & so forth. 

Any contagious diseases or parasites contracted after the first week in the new home will not be covered. The guarantee does not cover medical issues relating to spay/neuter or failing to spay/neuter, such as pyometra. 

3.  Failure to have the puppy checked within the first five day period (not including weekends), will result in the guarantee becoming voided!

Defected puppy MUST be returned to breeder in order for the guarantee to move forward. 

In the event that the puppy has died, a clearly written/printed statement from the buyers veterinarian will be required stating cause of death.

More About Our Dog Health Guarantee and Documentation

If a breeder offers a 1-year genetic health guarantee, it includes coverage of all genetic defects that may have been handed down from their lineage of the puppies specific breedThe genetic health guarantee does not cover any communicable diseases, internal and/or external parasites, or injuries.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for all vet bills. If a genetic disease is discovered in the puppy, a letter from your vet (on business letterhead), stating the nature of the disease and/or disorder will need to be provided to enact the breeder health guarantee. The letter will have to state that this is a genetic disorder. The veterinarian phone number must be included on the letter as the Breeder reserves the right to discuss the health condition with the veterinarian. If your puppy’s health is determined to have a genetic disorder, Breeder will reimburse the cost for treatment (up to the price of the puppy). Breeder assumes NO direct responsibility for any medical bills for the puppy.

Lifetime Return Policy

As the breeder, I permit a lifetime return policy on all puppies produced by our program if the buyer(s) can no longer care for the puppy. The return of the puppy is at the buyers expense (if applicable). Once the breeder receives the puppy, the breeder will place the puppy in a loving home that has been screened prior to placement. This is a service provided by the breeder & may include a 50% refund in young adults & puppies. 

No refund shall be given on: senior dogs + dogs with behavioral issues.

No puppy or dog from our production shall be resold without a written & signed consent given to original purchaser.

This is to ensure that none of our dogs end up in shelters or are placed into the wrong hands!